Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vicente Sotto Medical Center

Location: Cebu City Philippines

A 39-year-old homosexual is planning to sue a medical team after he saw in a cellular phone of a friend last Friday a circulated video footage of the operation to extract a perfume canister stuck in his anus during a sexual act.

The operation on the man, who only wants to be identified as “Jan-Jan,” was done at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) last Jan. 3 yet, but the video footage has been circulating through cell phones since then and was even uploaded in the video-sharing web site, YouTube.

The video that runs for two minutes and 28 seconds shows an operating team of more than 10 people laughing, with someone shouting instructions while the operation was going on. It captures individuals with mobile phones and cameras taking footage of the operation. A brief panning motion shows some of the faces of the people involved in the procedure.

Loud cheering and shouting can be heard as the canister that someone describes as a “baby” is slowly pulled out of the anus. One of the staff even opens the perfume and sprays it around. All the time, the patient whose face is not visible in the video, is unconscious.

Dr. Emmanuel Gines, VSMMC spokesperson, said a committee that has been looking into the case since before the Holy Week is still “wrapping” up its probe and may come up with a recommendation this week or early next week. Gines admitted there were also nursing students involved.

The video was reportedly uploaded on YouTube last February and now the video could not be found. What? Is this another conspiracy, cover-up? Or just plain irresponsible?

“The patient-doctor confidentiality is part of the code of ethics of a medical practitioner. The patient has the right to privacy and people trust their doctors”
This should be a lesson to all doctors, nurses and nursing students. Doctors should be old enough to control themselves and as for the nursing studs, they should be aware that they are carrying the name of their school everywhere they go as “interns of sort” and now the reputations of not only the government services, the hospital, the schools, but also the families of the irresponsible individuals who participated in such a disgraceful act. There punishment should be swift, strong and heavy in order to set an example so that such incident won’t be repeated again.

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WAS Jan-jan, the man who filed the complaint against officers and doctors of a government hospital over the videotaping of the removal of a spray canister from his rectum and uploading the footage to Youtube, really raped?

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